Æ app

REMA 1000 is the largest grocery chain in Norway. To help them stay ahead in a highly competitive market we came up with “Æ” (meaning “I” in Norwegian). Signing up for “Æ” gives you 10% on the 10 things you spend the most on. Refreshingly simple in a market that normally tries to make you buy what the store wants to sell.

The mindset of keeping things simple runs throughout the whole experience. Everything happens automatically and you do not have to change your habits or remember a new password. Try the app here.

As lead UX designer I was responsible for user testing, app structure, interface design, simplifying and testing the viability of the concept and mapping out future roadmaps. Throughout the project I've been working closely with the client, designers and programmers to achieve a high level of quality in the end project.

2017 in collaboration with Designit.

User testing in store to replicate the real experience.

 Quick and passwordless onboarding. 
No fuss app experience. 

Awards and milestones

Æ app wins Bronze in category Product or Service in Gulltaggen 2017.

Æ app is downloaded by and signed up one-fifth of Norways population in seven weeks.