NSB train replacement services

A service design project done while working at Uniform for NSB (Norwegian State Railways). Planned and unplanned train traffic problems happens every year. In these situations the passengers are offered “Buss for tog” (rail replacement bus). In 2014 this affected 15 million train passengers. Maintenance and unforeseeable happenings means that this will continue into the future.

In my role as service designer I had the following responsibilities. Map the whole customer journey of “Buss for tog” to see where we could improve the service. Interview travellers, employees and leaders at NSB, Jernbaneverket and various bus companies. Experience “Buss for tog” as a traveler and documenting the experience. Analyse data and organise it to find patterns and opportunities. Visualise opportunity spaces. Make and hold presentations for NSB leadership to land the final solutions and map out the way forward.

2014–2015 in collaboration with Uniform.

Images from Uniform

Insights and final delivery

Projects like this are complicated and contain lots of internal and external challenges, but there is one overarching key insight that was revealed during the research. Speedy, clear and understandable information about deviations was highly important both internally and for the travellers. This enables the traveler to take control of the situation an make better choices. The crucial part of our delivery that made it all possible, was to anchor and place the strategic responsibility for the customer experience of “Buss for tog” at the top management at NSB. This was essential in order to make the changes that were needed to make the service into a holistic customer journey.

The project has resulted in a highly visible visual identity for the new service “Alternativ Reise” (Alternative travel). The identity makes the communication clear and simple across way finding, printed/digital information and other public transport providers. This is an ongoing projects with continual improvements.

Images from Uniform


25% of the travellers were aware of planned work.

95% of the travellers were aware of planned work.


DogA merket 2017
Jury remarks (Norwegian):

“Det er elegant hvordan NSB bruker god innsikt og tjenestedesign til å bruke det som i utgangspunktet er en negativ situasjon – hvem liker vel forsinkede tog – til en potensiell positiv merkevareopplevelse. Her har man tenkt grundig og helhetlig, fra den nesten alarmaktige visuelle profilen, som gjør det enkelt for brukeren å orientere seg, til opplæring av ansatte, som gjør møtet med publikum mer forutsigbart og lystbetont. Selve prosessen –hvordan den er forankret fra toppledelse og ned til sluttbrukeren, er også et eksempel til etterfølgelse for god tjenestedesign.”

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