Norsk Tipping

When Norsk Tipping came to Uniform they had a static web page that tried to show everything at once. They also wanted to increase their game offering from 12 to 50+. To make room for the additional games and transform the site to a modern service that meet users rising demands, we had to start from scratch and rebuild everything.

As lead designer on the project I were responsible for concept development, information architecture, wireframing, UI design and prototyping. I also worked closely with stakeholders at Norsk Tipping to uncover their needs, create ownership and confidence in new designs. I also had an important part in establishing a culture of user centered design. 

2012-2014 in collaboration with Uniform.

A fresh start

We started by analyzing the site and its content to see what the users actually used. After removing everything that wasn't essential for a great user experience we built a new information architecture and interaction model that lays the groundwork for a flexible and expandable site that's easy to use.

To ensure focus there is no side bars. The user can focus on one type of content at a time.
Content is prioritized and shown according to day of week and time of day to ensure relevance.

We removed the big and complicated dropdown menus in favor of navigation trough content. This makes the site easily and fun to navigate all the way down to mobile sizes. The whole site is built using modules that are easily customizable. This enables quick iterations and customizations to each user. The various brands can easily skin the modules to fit with their brand guidelines.

User centered

Content is organized in lobbies that fit different user groups like casual lottery players, dedicated sports players and so on. This structure enables us to focus the site and decide when and where to show content. Users can easily find their preferred games without being overwhelmed.

Before / After

Lottery and sport games

We also developed a new system for how to redesign the lottery and sports games with a focus on user familiarity between games and easy development and customizations for the different brands.