& Mitt Telenor

Telenor is Norway’s biggest telecom company. Designit was asked to redesign and modernize their digital surfaces in 2016. To start the project we started with the two most important touch-points. The online store and their main app Mitt Telenor. Designit came up with the new concept and strategy that revolved around the concept of a digital flagship store.

As lead UX designer I had the following responsibilities. Lead and own the design sprints. Lead internal workshops with the various Telenor divisions to make sure that customer needs and internal needs was maintained. User testing to validate new designs. Design a new information architecture and user flows. Make sure that the new system was highly flexible and customizable to each individual users need.

2016-2017 in collaboration with Designit.

Mobile first wireframes and flows helped us make the hard priorities needed to ensure a good experience across all screen sizes.

Key changes

To achieve the experience described in the new strategy we had to make some big canges. First we had to scrap the mega menu dominated experience and replace it with a simple and guided experience where you navigate by interacting with the content. Hard choices and strict priorities had to be made to achieve this in addition to a new information architecture and flow with a mobile first mindset.

Close collaboration with the Designit design team, Telenor leadership and divisions has been crucial in our ability to make this total redesign happen in just one year.

Before: Daunting mega-menus

After: Refined and inviting

Phone web shop

Subscription picker web concept

Mitt Telenor app

The app is designed to ensure a good customer experience over time. It gives an overview over all the Telenor services the customer and their famely has. By providing just the right information the user can instantly see if everything is ok, or if something needs their attention. If the user goes abroad the “mobile-card” will change and inform if extra charges are going to apply. It is also easy to change or add services right in the app.

Try it on App Store or Google Play.

Mitt Telenor App dashboard

Mitt Telenor App subscription details